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Getting started

Fandom: Mostly Highlander, with a bit of various others
Title: Aiden Chronicles
Author: Rhiannon
Rating: Varies by chapter, mostly R or NC-17. Slash/het/whatever--the warnings are by chapter.
Category: Epic, humor, drama
Pairing: Aiden/Methos/Duncan mostly, but there are others
Summary: Aiden, the OC MC, is an older immortal who happens to know several of our favorite good guys, and not so good guys. The author uses the idea of a lineage of teachers to create bonds between several immortals. It's broken up into several long chapters (hence epic)
Recced For: I really enjoyed it. There's some good snark and some good sex. Oh, and some very well written fights as well.

fireborn, Please don't kill me for posting a rec first!
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