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Reccing Format

This is the general format to follow. Minor deviations aren't going to be a problem, but in general, given the broad possibilities of recs around here, all this is information we're going to need.

Fandom: (Remember, if it's a Crossover, specify what's crossing with what!)
Title: (This is where you link the story.)
Author: (Providing title and author is useful for if the story moves and we have to google it.)
Rating: (G-N17, Slash, Het, or Gen)
Category: (Optional, just if you want to say humor or drama or something.)
Pairing(s): (If any.)
Summary: (Yours, the author's, yours and the author's, it doesn't matter.)
Recced For: (Why did you like it? What made the OC great? We're not picky, "It was just a great read" will do.)

If you want, you can also quote part of the story, but that should always go behind an LJ cut. You can add other stuff, too; the above is just the bare minimum.
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