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That's Original Character, Not Origami Creation

Let's Show 'Em How It's Done

Original Characters in Fanfiction
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Sooner or later, the backlash gets backlash.

First things first;
What we are not:

We are not a pro-Mary Sue community. We are not an anti-Mary Sue community. We are not a community that denies the existence of Mary Sues. We are not an original fiction community, either.

What we are:

Bloody sick of Mary Sues. Not the stories themselves, mind you, or even the communities dedicated to finding Mary Sue stories and mocking them; we're sick of the fact that these days, it's gotten to the point where people think Original Character = Mary Sue. We're sick of the way that most of the communities about OCs that aren't anti-original character are devoted to making sure your original character isn't a Mary Sue, as if writing a Mary Sue is something a single moment of laxness can lead to ("CONSTANT VIGILANCE!"). We're sick of the notion that any original character in a fanfic ought to be removable, not an integral part of the story. We're stick of the idea that if it's not a canon character, it shouldn't exist in fanfic.

We're the people who like the idea of original characters in fanfic, as long as they're well done, because we like the idea of anything in a fanfic, as long as it's well done. And we're here to provide proof it can be.

What we may be:

Silly. Very, very silly. But then, the community's username should have given you some idea of that.

What we do:

It's pretty basic: we recommend fanfics from multiple fandoms that have good, strong original characters. There's no discussion here about what makes an original character good or not, or about whether there should be original characters or not; we leave that to one of the ten-zillion groups mentioned above. There are no limits on the kind of story recced; slash, het, and gen are all fine. There are no limits on fandom, either; we even do crossovers. We read good stuff, we rec it, it's that simple. Of course, there are a few rules for how it's done....

Recommended Reading:

In Defense of Original Characters
By Rhiannon Shaw

Namarie Sue
Being a discussion of Mary Sue in both original and fan fiction on the journal of TOR Editor Teresa Nielsen Hayden. Broad, sometimes strange, and very different; the best stuff is in the comments.

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