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That's Original Character, Not Origami Creation

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23rd January 2011

bribri21012:43pm: Umm...
I'm not sure if this is running or not since the last post was from three years ago. I think it's a really good idea, i just don't know if it's still going on  or not.

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21st March 2008

mystique6661:32pm: Hi! I'm kinda new to this community, but I think it's a great idea to have one for OCs, cause there are good fanfics out there with original characters (and that's something, because I really hate Mary-Sues). I only wanted to ask if the community is still 'alive', because the last post is from February 2005...

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21st February 2005

majinbakahentai11:08pm: Two Recs in One. (LotR Fandom)
The fics I'm putting up for recommendation will not be to the tastes of quite a few people because the feature pairings in them are incest ones and I know people could have problems with such stories.

Bared IdentitiesCollapse )

For the Love of a BrotherCollapse )

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2nd February 2005

rosaleendhu1:08am: Fandom: Weiss Kreuz
Title: A Ride on the Subway
Author: Talya Firedancer
Rating: NC-17 for slash, specifically threesome slash in a public place
Category: Smut
Pairing(s): Yohji/OC/OC
Summary: Yohji has to take the subway. PWP.
Recced For: The threesome slash in a public place.
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17th December 2004

rosaleendhu1:53pm: Fandom: Yami no Matsuei/Descendants of Darkness
Title: Live Through
Author: Kouri Arashi
Rating: R
Category: Drama/Angst/Romance
Pairing(s): Tsuzuki/Hisoka, Muraki/Hisoka
Summary: Post-Kyoto arc, Hisoka and Tsuzuki have some issues they need to work out together, and some issues they need to deal with seperately. Tsuzuki really isn't ready for fieldwork yet, so Hisoka gets a new partner.
Recced For: This is the first long piece in a set of three. All three are marevelous, and very different in plot. Each one is told from Hisoka's POV, and he's marvelously cynical and snarky and... Well, he's all the good things that make him Hisoka. He's prepared to hate his new partner on sight, and is quite annoyed when he can't manage to. The OC does have a few moments of insight-into-people's-souls that make me want to scream, but overall, this story is about Hisoka finding himself and finding Tsuzuki. Really, all three parts are.

But let's be honest, I really love it for the snark.

Part two is Somewhere I Have Never Been.
Part three is Falling Is Like This.
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28th June 2004

rosaleendhu3:49pm: Fandom: Highlander
Title: The ROG and the Hacker
Author: Dana Woods
Rating: "PG-13 for harsh Pixie language"
Category: Humor
Pairing(s): None in the first story
Summary: Author's summary: "The Watcher's are hacked, and their only hope is a clumsy pixie who chainsmokes and has the dirtiest mouth this side of Hell."
Recced For: The Pixy! No, really. Caly isn't just a character. She's a Character. This is just the first story of 8 stories and 2 muse fics. I laughed my way through all of it, and there are a few moments that are just so incredibly touching as well. One of the stories has a light X-files crossover. Don't drink while reading this one. It may cause spittakes.
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27th February 2004

fireborn8:26am: This rec could be more coherant, but it's 8 in the morning. The story is still good, anyway.
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Title: Phoenix Burning
Author: Yahtzee
Rating: R, and, um, Het? As I recall, no actual sex, so it may be Gen. It's been awhile.
Category: Futurefic. AU. Wowy.
Pairing: There is one, but I don't want to spoil it; it's safe to say if you watched Buffy you're not going to run into something you can't bear.
Summary: "This is a follow-up to "The Gift" quite unlike most you will have seen. Buffy awakens from death to find a world vastly changed."
Recced For: This is like one giant OC-fest of love. More OCs than you can shake a stick-at--because lord, is this an AU. And they're all wonderfully drawn characters, and the world is amazingly right and wrong at the same time, but wrong in a good way; wrong in the sense of being messed-up but not wrong in the sense of being unbelievable. There's layers to what's going on, and a very satisfying conclusion; in some ways I prefer this to what we actually got for the rest of Buffy.
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12th February 2004

fireborn10:38am: Pudding.
Fandom: Stargate: SG1
Title: Gone Fishin'
Author: Kai (aka boyd)
Rating: R - NC-17 ; Slash
Category: Impossible Pairings Made Possible. Wait, that's not really a category.
Pairing: Jack/Thor, Jack/OMC, Jack/Daniel (UST)

Summary: "After saving the world again, Jack finally gets to go fishing."

Recced For: I remember this originally got announced somewhere back before I'd seen much Stargate, and then I saw the episodes leading up to it, and went, "... I can't believe someone wrote that and swears it's non-squicky. How?" I'd've been delighted just if they managed that, but what I got was even more: one of the best Jack pieces I've ever read, not to mention an wonderful OC whose background and interactions with teenage Jack feel so remarkably plausable. Beautiful, occasionally silly, often moving, this was the story that started me reading Stargate fan fiction at all.

Do take a quick glance at the notes for more detailed warnings. If this isn't your cup of tea, coffee should be served shortly.
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11th February 2004

canthlian7:04pm: Fandom: LotRiPS. (Lord of the Rings Real Person Slash)
Title: In The Strangest Places.
Author: Tuuli
Rating: R, slash.
Pairing: Dominic Monaghan/Elijah Wood implied.
Summary: Elijah's missing. A police officer is sent to find him (Author's summary).
Recced For: Being the first LotRiPS I've seen with a good OC. (Quite an accomplishment, considering how much fic the fandom turns out)

Please note before you click, this is REAL PERSON SLASH. That means homoerotic fiction about real people. If this isn't your piece of cake, there's some pudding in the fridge.
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9th February 2004

rosaleendhu12:20pm: Getting started
Fandom: Mostly Highlander, with a bit of various others
Title: Aiden Chronicles
Author: Rhiannon
Rating: Varies by chapter, mostly R or NC-17. Slash/het/whatever--the warnings are by chapter.
Category: Epic, humor, drama
Pairing: Aiden/Methos/Duncan mostly, but there are others
Summary: Aiden, the OC MC, is an older immortal who happens to know several of our favorite good guys, and not so good guys. The author uses the idea of a lineage of teachers to create bonds between several immortals. It's broken up into several long chapters (hence epic)
Recced For: I really enjoyed it. There's some good snark and some good sex. Oh, and some very well written fights as well.

fireborn, Please don't kill me for posting a rec first!
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8th February 2004

fireborn3:42am: Reccing Format
This is the general format to follow. Minor deviations aren't going to be a problem, but in general, given the broad possibilities of recs around here, all this is information we're going to need.

Fandom: (Remember, if it's a Crossover, specify what's crossing with what!)
Title: (This is where you link the story.)
Author: (Providing title and author is useful for if the story moves and we have to google it.)
Rating: (G-N17, Slash, Het, or Gen)
Category: (Optional, just if you want to say humor or drama or something.)
Pairing(s): (If any.)
Summary: (Yours, the author's, yours and the author's, it doesn't matter.)
Recced For: (Why did you like it? What made the OC great? We're not picky, "It was just a great read" will do.)

If you want, you can also quote part of the story, but that should always go behind an LJ cut. You can add other stuff, too; the above is just the bare minimum.
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fireborn2:34am: Some Basic Rules
You'll notice many of these are common sense. We like common sense. We devoutly wish it was more common.

1. Don't rec your own stories. You may think that you have written an absolutely brilliant bit of writing, and you may be absolutely right, but if you are, it's not going to be remotely difficult to get someone else to rec it. On the other hand, if you are the only one willing to rec it, this may be a sign of something.

2. You're encouraged to comment on a reccomendation with what you thought of the story; you're even allowed to disagree with the recommendation. However, if you do so, be polite, reasonable, and and above all intelligent about it. Don't just say you didn't like the story, say why. And for heavens sake, don't have your reason be something like, "This would have been a great story if it wasn't slash, but I just don't like slash."

3. Don't flame. This is fairly obvious, but it never hurts to say it. Treat the rest of the community with respect, and they will treat you with respect, and we'll all get along fine and have tea and cake.

4. Pretty much any kind of fanfiction is recommendable, so please, pay attention to the fandoms, ratings, pairings, etc. We are not responsible for you clicking on something that offends you if it is clearly marked. Which brings up....

5. Clearly mark your story recommendations. Feel free to be paranoid in your warnings. "This story features scenes which some vegans may find offensive," might be a little excessive, but then again, angry vegans are more alarming than you might think.

6. Always post intelligently, which includes but is not limited to:
  • Don't post in odd colors/formats.

  • Don't post spam.

  • Don't post stuff you know is off-topic.

  • If you make a mistake in a post, fix it and quietly apologize if necessary.

  • If you're posting a whole bunch of recs, do it in one post, and LJ-cut where possible.

  • Posts recs as posts, not comments.

  • Proofread your post before sending it.
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